“I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met” John Green

Marie Monsieur

It's about time we met ...

I’m Marie, a freelance journalist from Antwerp. Since I can remember, I’ve loved life the most when travelling. As a little girl, I told my parents that I would succeed to see every country in the world. At the moment, I am 26, have not seen every country on the planet, but I am working hard on it… Because it’s all on the list.
The reason I am head over heels in love with travelling is hard to explain. Although I love Antwerp, I feel uncomfortable when I stay too long in the same place. I become impatient when I wander the same streets every day. I want to know what is out there, curious as I am. I love meeting new people, discovering new cultures and religions, learning new languages, tasting new foods and all the other things you can do whilst exploring the world. Travelling gives me the opportunity to become a richer person.

I decided to start a travel blog as a sort of notebook for myself and guidebook for you. Everything I write about on my blog are things I did like in some way. As my interests are very wide, I can’t say I write for one specific sort of traveller. I like sleeping in a hammock in the jungle and eating at local food markets as well as tugging myself in a wardrobe in a chic, exclusive hotel room and sipping gin tonics on a rooftop bar. I like hustling around with my backpack, but also like to wander streets looking for the coolest hotspots in town. I like best of both worlds.
I will share everything I discover that makes my heart beat faster. Addresses you can’t miss, adventures you should undertake, travel stories, interviews with locals but also practical tips and tricks. I hope that in some way I can inspire you to start enjoying the world as much as I do. If you have tips for me, places I should go to and discover or anything else that you want to share with me please do send them.

So this is my story. I’m curious about yours.. =mm=

Marie Monsieur

Freelance Journalist


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