15th September 2013

What: Beauty addicts can not leave Rio without visiting Granado, an old Pharmacy shop (founded in 1870!) which sells body lotions, hand creams, soaps, make-up, …

Designer/Brands: They only sell products from their own brand.

Do visit if…: You like to put a Brazilian souvenir in your bathroom.

Best thing: The quality of the products is very good and the prices are low.

Insiders tip: Choose the products with the smell “Castanha do Brazil”, my all time favourite! If you are not in Brasil and don’t mind to pay more: you can nowadays find some of the products at Bon Marché in Paris (shht, our little secret).

Price category: Hand creams cost around 2,5 euros, a scrub around 8 euro.

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Address: Rua General Artigas 470, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9AM – 7PM. Sunday: 12PM – 18PM.

Contact: (+55) 021 25129964


Copyright pictures: Marie Monsieur


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