Mahane Yehuda Market

15th January 2014

When we travel we discover a place – its people, land and culture – through its food. We bring back not just mouthwatering memories but inspiration.  

Mark Bittman

Whilst travelling I always take the opportunity to try new food, to savour new tastes and to get to know new recipes. My friends will probably laugh out loud when reading this, cause I wasn’t always so experimental on food. I didn’t like foreign cuisines when I was a little kiddo. As I tell you I didn’t even eat spaghetti and I always ordered a plate of french fries in a restaurant, you will probably get the picture. So food is one of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate whilst travelling. Step by step I started to taste every new ingredient that I came by and today I am one of the biggest foodies on earth. No wonder Mahane Yehuda Market – aka the Shuk – was a true paradise for me.

The first visit to this market will leave you stunned as you don’t know where to look first. Find super-fresh local products: fruits, nuts, spices, olives, cheese, breads, hummus and so on. Stroll through the alleys and let all the sounds and odors of the market come to you. Do as I did, buy a range of small bites and nestle yourself in your hotel room for an apero. If you like to stay a little longer in the vibrant market scene you can always put your foot up at one of the many restaurants and cafés in the market.

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Address: The market lies in a box in between four streets (Jaffa Road, Agrippas Street, Beit Yaakov Street end Kiach Street), Jerusalem

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 8AM till 7PM. On Fridays: 8AM – 3PM: Closed on Saturday.

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