Tia Palmira

14th November 2013

What: An old local fish restaurant in Barra de Guaratiba, an hour and a half away from Rio de Janeiro. You need a rental car to reach this place. Come here for lunch or dinner if you are exploring the area outside Rio.

Food: You don’t have to choose what you eat. They serve you different (tapas style) fish dishes, so you get to taste everything they have.  The dishes are ultra fresh and a perfect way to get to know some local specialties.

Atmosphere & design: As the restaurant lies in a little town, don’t expect to find crowds of people sitting next to you. Normally I hate plastic chairs, but here it all fits in the local charm. Find a little boat, an anchor and other sea elements as decoration on the walls.

Insiders tip: Drive around in the neighbourhood of the restaurant. The nature is pretty amazing here: beautiful bays (including – yes, also beautiful – surfers).

Surroundings of the restaurant:

Visit ‘Mirante Grumari’ for amazing views:

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Address: Caminho do Souza 18, Barra de Guaratiba, Rio

Contact: (+55) 021 24108169 / (+55) 021 67033738

Website: /

Copyright pictures: Marie Monsieur


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