Pri-Or PhotoHouse

12th October 2013

What: An archive/photography shop holding over one million images that document Israel’s history. The shop is the lifework of Rudi (the photographer) and his wife Miriam. Today their grandson (also a photographer) operates in the shop.

Photographer: Rudi Weissenstein is one of the most famous photographers of Israel. His strong images have won international recognition in the US and Europe. In his pictures he wants to reflect the atmosphere, the spirit and the people of his country.

Do visit if…: You are a fan of photography and love to take a beautiful souvenir home with you. Or if you love to wander around in small, original shops.

Best thing: The pictures in poster format. It gives you the ability to buy a famous picture at a very low price.

Insiders tip: The grandson owns the shop today. Ask him to tell the story of their shop (family owned and operated for 3 generations, since 1936), interesting! And buy the poster of Gordon Swimming Pool in Tel Aviv, great shot!


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Address: Tshernichovski Street 5, Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10AM – 6PM & Friday: 10AM – 1PM

Contact: (+972) 03 517 7916 –


Copyright pictures: Marie Monsieur


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