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5th February 2014

– Dine in homes around the world –

Eat With was founded by Guy and Shemer, two Israeli who wanted to link tourists to locals. Travellers can book dinner at homes of locals and are able to spend a whole night in a foreign culture whilst meeting new and interesting people. Go to their website, choose your destination, find the food concept you love and contact the host. Eat With is the best way to get to know the real vibe of a city.

You will love Eat With if:

  • You are a foodie and want to taste local plates
  • You are sociable and want to meet new people
  • You want to get to know off the beaten track places in a city and be able to dive in the middle of a new culture

I tested Eat With during my holidays in Israel. I chose to dine with Leor at his cozy apartment in the centre of Tel Aviv. As he was also in his twenties we would sure have the same interests and have something to talk about. Leor is a cook so I did not have to worry about the food either.

Leor meets us at Carmel Market, the most famous market of Tel Aviv. He tells us about local products and dishes and buys all the ingredients he needs for our dinner. Afterwards he shows us around in his neighbourhood and tells us some inside info about Tel Aviv and Israel. As we arrive at his apartment we are welcomed by his lovely girlfriend. They made a superb meal, we were able to taste Israelian wine and we got to dive in their culture. I love the concept!


Price: Each experience has another price. Most of them cost between 10 and 50 euros (depending on the amount of courses, …)

Destinations: Eat With exists worldwide. From London and Amsterdam to Buenos Aires and Russia.

Copyright pictures: Marie Monsieur


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