Midori, my favourite traveller’s notebook

8th May 2014

I got to know this Japanese stationery brand through my sister and her husband. A couple of years ago they bought a Midori Notebook for my birthday and I am travelling the world with it ever since. It became a sort of a lucky traveller’s charm for me.

Midori is a simple leather cover that is handcut in Chiang Mai, Thailand. What I like most about this notebook is that the more you use it, the better it becomes. Don’t try to prevent it from becoming dirty or to avoid scratches. Every new scratch is a memory. Mine was soaking wet when I woke up in the jungle in Ecuador. It’s not perfect anymore, but more beautiful than ever.

Midori comes in two sizes: a small size (perfect to use as a passport cover) and a larger one (the one I use). Apart from paper refills you can add plastic inserts for your travel documents or for business cards that you’ve collected from your favourite places around the world. Midori also has beautiful brass pens and pencases. The same rule applies here: don’t polish it, let it become rusty so that it can carry a story…


Buy it here:

Antwerp: Graanmarkt 13, Antwerpen, www.graanmarkt13.be

The Netherlands: Misc Store, De Clercqstraat 130, Amsterdam, www.misc-store.com

Online: Webshop Misc Store, www.misc-store.com

Copyright pictures: Misc Store


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